BLAST against Database

This site is a web-server for the nΩradab database.

Users are able to easily compare sequences against the database by means of BLASTP or BLASTX.

If comparing a protein sequence against the database use BLASTP.

If comparing a nucleotide sequence against the database use BLASTX.

The BLAST algorithm e-value parameter may be adjusted or the default value of 10.0 used.

All hits against the database is displayed in the same window in a tabular format.

The subject column contains a hyperlink on the nΩradab id which retrieves descriptions as per the ARDB / CARD database.

Download Database

The entire nΩradab database (in .tar.gz format) may easily be downloaded from the Download Database hyperlink.

The database has been formatted and after extraction will be ready to use locally.

Check permissions of the folder after extraction and BLAST away.

An id file (nΩradab_ids.txt) is included and contains the link between the nΩradab id and those obtained from ARDB / CARD.

The id file is in tab-delimited format.

The nΩradab id is followed by a tab and the the description and ids obtained from ARDB / CARD each seperated by a tab.

After a BLAST run the nΩradab id in the subject column can easily be linked to the ARDB / CARD id/description.